The Lost Fragments of Proclus


Author: Thomas Taylor

Publisher: Wizards Bookshelf

Pages: 128

Year: 1988

Condition: New. Hardcover.   

ISBN 978-0913510582

Translated from the Greek by Thomas Taylor, a hardcover reprint (simulated reptilian red cover) of the 1825 Edition. 128 Pages, limited to 1000 copies. On Light, the Eternity of the World, etc., bibliographical notes added. Platonic Philosophy, Theosophy, Occult, Mystery Schools.

Thomas Taylor was one of the outstanding translators of the philosophical writings of the Greeks and Romans, and also published several original works on philosophy and mathematics. Many of his important contributions in these fields have been long out-of-print and are extremely difficult to obtain, having been issued in very small editions. Most of Taylor’s translations have an archaic elegance which preserves the spirit of the older authors in a manner not evident in more recent translations.